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    To truly be guaranteed a life of longevity and substance, health will always remain a factor. Wisdom is the refreshment of our soul. It is needed to rejuvenate the mind and condition the spirit. Health has the exact same magnificent effect on our bodies. Moguls, let’s make an effort to take more care of our body and mind. Mission: Fitness and Well-being is in full effect!


      MOGUL METROPOLITAN  has been the midwest’s leading publication, targeting the savvy and
      aspiring professional market between the ages of 25-40. During its first year in print, MOGUL became a must-read for it’s target audience of the African American market. Now in its third year, MOGUL reaches more than 20,000 readers with fresh editorial content covering topics that include fashion, art, and lifestyle.

      The mission of MOGUL is to inspire and encourage entrepreneurship and creativity.


      mogul-metro.com is the reliable source for the urban professional seeking the most current information on events, entertainment, newsworthy articles and profiles of other influential professionals. Social media is a powerful tool that MOGUL utilizes daily to interact with readers on behalf of its clients and the MOGUL Brand.


      MOGUL is known for its high-quality and well-attended events. MOGUL hosts launch parties, special events, and custom soirees for its clients and plans to host at least 12 events during 2013 calendar year. Event sponsorships offers the ideal environment to capture the attention of MOGUL’s active on-the-go consumers.


      MOGUL is a full service publishing house that offers a digital marketing agent, print company, and event planner under our
      umbrella. Mogul understands that to achieve the best results for your business, you need to custom-fit your message to your industry, your market, and your customers. MOGUL’s integrated approach, combinines print and online advertising with multimedia content production; allowing you to create marketing campaigns that will reach your audience.



        Whether it’s a fashion spread, a celebrity Q&A, a review of the hottest night spot in town, a preview of a

        highly anticipated art exhibition or get-away destination, Mogul’s editorial offers a consistent,
        in-the-know perspective of what’s new, now, and next in region.
        Mogul regularly features in-depth interviews with national celebrities, some of whom have local ties, from actors and musicians to artists and pro athletes. Stories on the region’s most engaging personalities fill the issue, bringing readers an up-close look at local leaders in business, the arts, education, as well as many other areas.
        Never one to turn down a social networking opportunity, Mogul covers all of the nightlife events and concerts in town. So if you are wondering who showed up where, we have it covered in print and online.
        In our fashion spreads, you will find many of the hottest looks in fashion photographed in edgy, trend-setting photo spreads. We work with stylists and photographers to bring the latest looks available in the region’s trendiest fashion boutiques and department stores.


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          Each month more than 10,000 copies of MOGUL are distributed throughout the Midwest.


          Magazines are mailed, for a small fee, to local and out of state subscribers.


          Currently, MOGUL can be found in more than 50 locations throughout Louisville and Lexington.  These include: boutiques, galleries, cultural institutions, health clubs, night clubs, restaurants, barbershops, salons, spas, colleges, churches, and select Kroger locations*.


          MOGUL provides direct access for our readers, to the most sophisticated and elite events in the midwest. MOGUL is honored to partner with local philanthropic organizations for various events, providing exposure for some of the metro’s most prominent citizens.

          *Distribution subject to change based on readers’ and market need.

          March 2014 Current Locations:

          10 area Krogers

          924 S 2nd St
          Louisville, KY 40203

          Store Phone:
          (502) 589-1025
          520 N 35th St
          Louisville, KY 40212

          Store Phone:
          (502) 776-3713
          1265 Goss Ave
          Louisville, KY 40217

          Store Phone:
          (502) 634-0724
          2440 Bardstown Rd
          Louisville, KY 40205

          Store Phone:
          (502) 459-9805

          2956 E 10th St
          Jeffersonville, IN 47130

          3400 Grant Line Rd
          New Albany, IN 47150
          9812 Linn Station Rd
          Louisville, KY 40223

          Store Phone:
          (502) 423-0943
          9501 Westport Rd
          Louisville, KY 40241

          Store Phone:
          (502) 425-0065

          9440 Brownsboro Rd
          Louisville, KY 40241

          6900 Bardstown Rd
          Louisville, KY 40291

          Store Phone:
          (502) 239-2115

          St. Stephen Church

          Better Days West

          Jefferson Community College

          Kentucky State University

          Simmons College of Kentucky

          West Louisville Dental






            Guidelines to becoming a Print Model
            There are so many people who are eager to appear in magazines, on billboards or even in those printed ads that are placed on benches and buildings. These are referred to as print models and they don’t have height restrictions and requirements that demand them to be stick-thin like runway models. If you’re an aspiring model and you want to become a print model, check out the following guidelines you are advised to take into account.


            It’s important to have a toned body, so exercising is imperative. Even though print modeling is different from runway modeling, you might want o hit the gym prior to start looking for such gigs. A clear, bright skin and a healthy physique might just be enough to help you succeed.

            POSE, POSE, POSE!

            Posing is something you should do on a daily basis. Whether you’re working your angles in the mirror or you’re taking pictures with friends, it’s compulsory to practice. Thus, you’ll find your weak spots and you will be able to focus only on your strengths. Try various looks, emotions and of course, ask for opinions. Then, examine the photos and see which your best and worst angles are.


            Search for local photographers. Set appointments with them and check their portfolios in order to see whether they are appropriate for your needs. Examine the quality of their work and set up a shooting date. You are advised to take a few outfits with you at the shoot because you want have various photos. Your personal portfolio should focus on your strengths, and not your weaknesses. If you have a beautiful face, tell the photographer to take numerous shots of your face, and so on.


            Finding an agency is simple, but getting that agency to select you is a real challenge. Look on the web for print modeling enterprises, send them your portfolio, and with a bit of luck you might get picked. It might also be a good idea to send a cover letter, because believe it or not in the world of modeling personality matters a lot.


            If you’re an aspiring model and you want to have a career as a print model, it’s best to have a social life. Go to as many events as possible, be in style, and sooner or later someone will notice your potential.





              MOGUL delivers the hottest styles and the latest looks to our readers. Mogul bring it’s readers attention to the region’s trendiest fashion boutiques and department stores.


              MOGUL is passionate about the arts. If it‘s dance, music, theatre or fine art, then you will be sure to find it in MOGUL, MOGUL profiles nationally recognized celebrities and emerging artists in all genres.

              Event & Social Coverage

              Never turning down  social opportunities, MOGUL is on the go! MOGUL covers a variety of social networking and nightlife events, concerts, comedy shows and community affairs. So if you wanna know what’s going on, MOGUL has it covered.


              MOGUL is the metropolitan’s “go-to” resource for beauty tips and healthy lifestyle choices. Mogul’s platform educates its readers, helping them to maintain their health as well as their family’s health and safety.